Pickleball Tips & Equiptment Reviews

The Best Pickleball Paddle For The Money

Take a look at what pickleball paddle we think you should buy when you're on a budget. Get your SLK Atlas Graphite By Selkirk Here!  

Tyrol Drive V Pickleball Shoe Review

Take a look at what we think of the Tyrol Drive V outdoor pickleball shoes. Get Yours Here: Women's Men's    

Pickleball Tips Rec Play

Canadian Pickleball Academy Tip: When you're playing recreational games, try hitting more shots to the strongest player on the other team. T...

Selkirk Vanguard Maxima Paddle Review

Take a look at what we think about the new and improved Selkirk Vanguard Maxima Hybrid. Get yours Here.        

The dangers of dinking to wide.

When dinking tight to the net, make sure you dont place your ball near the the sideline or your opponent may hit the ball around the post.